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Spanish Listo is Creating A Customized Spanish
Course That is Designed for Your Career!

In 2019, Spanish Listo will be launching a full course that is geared for legal, healthcare, and business professionals, in addition to a general Spanish course. Our interactive platform will include video lectures, homeworks, and task-based simulations that will enable you to constantly practice the vocabulary, and proper grammar even when you are not speaking with your online instructor.


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Unable to Live Abroad? Not a Problem!

Once upon a time the only way to truly learn a language was to fully immerse yourself in a foreign country and speak the language with locals. With technology today, studies show that it is equally if not more effective to practice conversation for a full hour with a dedicated instructor. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your own couch, much less live abroad to learn Spanish! Schedule your first lesson today to see if Spanish Listo is the right fit for you!